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Butterfly tribal tattoos are now famous because it represents beauty, grace, refinement and fragility. There are different sizes and shapes of butterfly tattoo designs that are most loved by men and women. Butterfly tattoos also come in different color schemes that ranges from two-tones to colorful ones. Butterfly tattoos known for its unique, gorgeous and striking colors. Anyone who has a butterfly tattoo can be a head turner. For sure, you have seen or come across people with butterfly tattoos because people are going crazy about it.

Females choose butterfly tattoos because it symbolizes magic, metamorphosis, femininity and rebirth. Most women want their butterfly tattoos tattooed on ankles, shoulders, lower back area, upper back area, chest and armbands or just about anywhere. With the huge number of butterfly images available, it can take quite some time to choose the perfect butterfly tattoo design. People who have chosen butterfly tattoos may have gone through a transformative experience in life and want to express it in the form of butterflies.

Butterfly tattoos are so famous that even high profile celebrities are choosing it. Drew Barrymore has a butterfly tattoo under her navel. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton also have butterfly tattoos, which prove that butterfly tattoos are feminine tattoos. Nowadays, more and more women and even men are considering butterfly tattoos.

There are instances and traditions where butterflies are used to signify witches, abundance and divine love. If you wish to have a butterfly tattoo, choose the one that represents your personality. Aside from representing metamorphosis, butterfly tattoos also symbolize life, freedom or life after death. With all the different butterfly tattoo designs, you can absolutely choose one that reflects your personality.

Oftentimes, many people ask about the meaning of the butterfly. In some cultures, butterflies are recognized as a bringer of bad news or bad luck, while most people regard it as a symbol of new life or a new beginning. The earlier cultures believed that caterpillars die to give life to the butterfly, which made them assume that butterflies are bad luck. The latter focused on the rebirth of the caterpillar through the butterfly, which made the significance of the butterfly tattoo popular.

In Japanese culture, butterflies are known as the embodiment of one’s soul. In Chinese culture, the butterfly represents young love of a young heart. They believe that it is a symbol of grace and is associated with romanticism.

There are hundreds of tattoo designs such as Hawaiian tribal tattoos, tribal bear tattoos and so much more. However, why do most females prefer butterfly tattoos? Many females choose butterfly tattoo designs for its symbolism and specification while some people choose it because of its appearance, without ever knowing its representation. When you go to a tattoo parlor, you will find pre made designs of butterfly tattoos or you can have it customized. Butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs among females because it helps them to convey their feminine side. They can choose from small to big and bold tribal butterflies and still there are hundreds of designs to choose from.

butterflyButterfly tattoos are often placed on the back. Other women put the butterfly tattoo on their ankles and wrist, or on their chest. However, there are no rules concerning where you want to put a tattoo. You can have it hidden under clothing if you are looking for a job because some companies have restrictions when hiring people with body art. Those who consider tattoo as a fashion trend show off their tattoos and make it visible for others to see. If you want to have a butterfly tattoo, make sure that you choose the best design that reflects your personality. Also, choose the perfect spot so that other people can appreciate it.

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