The art of Japanese, Chinese, Kanji and Maori tattoos

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Tattoos variety and popularity keep growing in any age population. There are indeed many types of tattoos you can choose from these days. Their significance and their aspect are the most important things for people deciding to have a tattoo made on their skin.

Here I’ll briefly describe Japanese, Chinese, Kanji and Maori tattoos so that you will be able to make an informed decision when you choose one of them.

Chinese tattoos are probably the most popular in the world. There are a lot of people who love these tattoos from celebrities to average people. This is because it is said that Chinese tattoos are great for their subtle communication.

They usually consist of many symbols and they have a history of more than 4000 years. There are many experts in Chinese tattooing so if you want something with a subtle sense you can choose them. Usually, women like these tattoos and this is why men like them too.

Japanese tattoos are very common in America and Europe. This is because they are said to protect the person who wears them. If you want to have a special tattoo you can think about having a Japanese one. These tattoos also have a long history. However, one downside of Japanese tattoos is that they are liked by gangsters and prostitutes all over the world too.

The Kanji tattoos are lesser known and understood by many people. This is one of the reasons why they are so special and those who understand their meaning love them. Kanji tattoos are in fact tattoos made of Chinese characters in a Japanese form.

Maori tattoos are probably some of the best tattoos in the world. Their design is great and many people love them. They are the most well known tattoos from the Polynesian islands and you should know that they are sacred among the Maori population. The New Zealand population is a very interesting one and you can begin to learn a few things about it by having a Maori tattoo.

In conclusion, there are a lot of tattoo types spread all over the world. The types here presented are among the most popular ones. They have a cultural significance and this is why people all over the world prefer these to others. Besides this, they are also great tattoos because of their design and meaning.

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Most popular tattoos – The Belly Button

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The popularity of tattoos is well known all over the world. People decide to wear tattoos for different reasons. Some of them want to show respect or love for another person, some of them want to state a principle and other do that just for the fun of it. Belly button tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days. They are usually real work of arts and this is why many people love them.

There are all types of tattoos you can choose from. The language of the tattoo, the size of it and other criteria are important for the one who is going to wear it. You probably know that you will have your tattoo forever and this is why you should choose the design carefully. Many people choose a design and then regret their choice. You should not be one of them and you should carefully browse between your alternatives.

You should not think that getting a tattoo will increase your chances of becoming unemployed because this is not the case anymore. A lot of people wear tattoos in the world and they have no problem as being seen different.

There are a few side effects and downsides of getting a belly button tattoo and you should know them before trying this. One of these downsides is that removal is an option but can be done with some costs from your side. First of all, it can be expensive and secondly you might be more exposed to hepatitis C compared to other kinds of tattoos. You would not want to risk your health and this is why you should not choose a belly button tattoo unless you really want it.

The second problem you might encounter is that belly button tattoos are seen as painful. They are indeed painful but this also depends on who is tattooing you. This is another reason why you should select your tattoo designer carefully. There are a lot of tattoo artists who can do a great job but they can also be expensive.

In conclusion, when it comes to belly button tattoos you should think twice and act once. This is because there are a few risks you will be exposed too and pain is surely one of them. If you trust your tattoo artist, this should not be a problem. Otherwise, you might choose something less painful and with lesser complications. There are a lot of body parts you can choose to tattoo instead of your belly button area.

Celtic Tattoos And Celtic Tattoo Designs

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The history of the Celts goes back for thousands of years. The Celtic people were recognized far and wide for their first-class skills in jewelry, artwork, arms and even metalworking. Regarded as ferocious battlers by the Romans, they were warriors from top to bottom. Throughout Ireland and the coastline of England you can see top-notch examples of Celtic artwork and Celtic crosses.

Full Celtic CrossOver time, modern Celtics developed and established symbols for themselves along the way. Celtic people in Northern America are known to display Celtic symbols to allow others to know that they have Celtic descent. Celtic symbols and knowledge have been passed down through the ages as their is little recognized written history retained today. Tattooing however, keeps Celtic traditions alive with the notorious Celtic cross and other common Celtic designs.

The bulk of Celtic tattoo designs and artwork come from Ireland where the history of the Celts is still very strong to this day. In Trinity College Dublin, Ireland you can see lots of documentation in manuscripts on Celtic symbols and heritage. Celtic tattooing reached its peak at about the same time that metalwork and stone work became highly desired.

Celtic knot tattoos are amongst some of the most favorite and most common designs, sporting loops with no end that symbolise a ne’er ending cycle of death and rebirth. There are also Celtic animal tattoo designs as well, which are similar in design to the knot tattoos, although the cords in the design commonly terminate in feet, tails or heads. Unless the person having the tattoo requests an end to the Celtic design to make a spiral then the Celtic knot tattoo design is usually ne’er ending.

The proper meaning of the intricate knots found in Celtic tattoos resists all type of literal translation and its significance is found at a far deeper level. The complexity of the knots shows the persistent crossing of both physical and spiritual elements. The strands and their ne’er ending path are a favorite design for Celtic tattoos, symbolizing life, faith, and love. Used for heritage as well as emotional purposes the Celtic people have used these tattoos for many years.

People who come from a Celtic lineage, Scots, Irish or Welsh, commonly find a Celtic tattoo to be a good way to express their heritage pride. As well as giving tribute to their roots these tattoos help to re-establish pride in their long history. The tattoos arent simple to do, most taking several hours. Unlike other tattoo designs, Celtic tattoos are amongst the toughest designs in the world.

If you come from a Celtic ancestry and have decided to get a Celtic tattoo, the first thing to do is find an artist capable of doing the tattoo. These designs are very challenging and not all tattoo artists can carry them out. Its a good idea to find a tattoo artist who has a history in Celtic designs, as this will ensure the tattoo is made right. The artist who makes the tattoo needs to have an eye for detail and perfect line placement which is a skill that not all tattoo artists possess.

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Fairy Tattoos: The Meaning and Beauty

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Author: Danny Kevant

fairyFairy tattoos are quite a popular choice for women, although they are chosen by men as well. This creature from mythology, literature, and television can be found on arms, the lower back, the shoulder, and other areas of the body. Many people choose a fairy tattoo simply because they enjoy the look of it, but these tattoos can also have a symbolic meaning that means something to the person that chooses it. No matter why you choose a fairy tattoo, you will find that they come in many different styles, colors, and designs to allow you to find the right one for your personal preferences.

The word “fairy” comes from the Latin word “fata,” which means fate. This brings to mind the underlying symbolization of destiny. This symbolism of a fairy tattoo can bring to mind passing through different stages of life or it can be a reminder of your youth. Fairies that are found in literature symbolize youthful exuberance and imagination and can mean that you want to keep the child-like qualities of imagination and wonder in your life. Whether you choose a fairy tattoo simply because of its underlying meaning or for its beauty, you will find that the most difficult process will be choosing the fairy that you like best.

Fairies like those that are seen in cartoons can be chosen or you may choose more lifelike fairies like those that are ready about in literature or mythology. You will be delighted with the many different styles of fairies that you can choose from. From flying fairies with their wings outstretched to sitting fairies and more, you can find the right fairy tattoo for your intended look on your body.

A fairy tattoo is often very detailed, which will mean that it will cost a little more than other designs and it will take somewhat longer. With the many different colors and lines that are part of making the fairy come to life on your skin, you will find that this tattoo will become a central focal point of your body to add life and beauty.

Making the decision to have a fairy tattoo applied to your body means that you are ready to take the time needed to make a significant impact upon your body and your life. The fun and whimsy of the fairy, along with the symbolism of youth and having a free spirit can come together to give you a tattoo that will express your own individuality and personality. The colors and style that are available in the selection of fairy tattoos will give your body just the right look.

Whether you choose a fairy tattoo as a reminder of innocence and child-like values or you choose it just for the beauty, you will find that a fairy tattoo can give your body great flair. From a small, intricate fairy tattoo to a larger, more detailed fairy tattoo, you will find that they can make an excellent addition to any part of your body to add a bit of personality and fun to your body.

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Butterfly Tribal Tattoos

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Butterfly tribal tattoos are now famous because it represents beauty, grace, refinement and fragility. There are different sizes and shapes of butterfly tattoo designs that are most loved by men and women. Butterfly tattoos also come in different color schemes that ranges from two-tones to colorful ones. Butterfly tattoos known for its unique, gorgeous and striking colors. Anyone who has a butterfly tattoo can be a head turner. For sure, you have seen or come across people with butterfly tattoos because people are going crazy about it.

Females choose butterfly tattoos because it symbolizes magic, metamorphosis, femininity and rebirth. Most women want their butterfly tattoos tattooed on ankles, shoulders, lower back area, upper back area, chest and armbands or just about anywhere. With the huge number of butterfly images available, it can take quite some time to choose the perfect butterfly tattoo design. People who have chosen butterfly tattoos may have gone through a transformative experience in life and want to express it in the form of butterflies.

Butterfly tattoos are so famous that even high profile celebrities are choosing it. Drew Barrymore has a butterfly tattoo under her navel. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton also have butterfly tattoos, which prove that butterfly tattoos are feminine tattoos. Nowadays, more and more women and even men are considering butterfly tattoos.

There are instances and traditions where butterflies are used to signify witches, abundance and divine love. If you wish to have a butterfly tattoo, choose the one that represents your personality. Aside from representing metamorphosis, butterfly tattoos also symbolize life, freedom or life after death. With all the different butterfly tattoo designs, you can absolutely choose one that reflects your personality.

Oftentimes, many people ask about the meaning of the butterfly. In some cultures, butterflies are recognized as a bringer of bad news or bad luck, while most people regard it as a symbol of new life or a new beginning. The earlier cultures believed that caterpillars die to give life to the butterfly, which made them assume that butterflies are bad luck. The latter focused on the rebirth of the caterpillar through the butterfly, which made the significance of the butterfly tattoo popular.

In Japanese culture, butterflies are known as the embodiment of one’s soul. In Chinese culture, the butterfly represents young love of a young heart. They believe that it is a symbol of grace and is associated with romanticism.

There are hundreds of tattoo designs such as Hawaiian tribal tattoos, tribal bear tattoos and so much more. However, why do most females prefer butterfly tattoos? Many females choose butterfly tattoo designs for its symbolism and specification while some people choose it because of its appearance, without ever knowing its representation. When you go to a tattoo parlor, you will find pre made designs of butterfly tattoos or you can have it customized. Butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs among females because it helps them to convey their feminine side. They can choose from small to big and bold tribal butterflies and still there are hundreds of designs to choose from.

butterflyButterfly tattoos are often placed on the back. Other women put the butterfly tattoo on their ankles and wrist, or on their chest. However, there are no rules concerning where you want to put a tattoo. You can have it hidden under clothing if you are looking for a job because some companies have restrictions when hiring people with body art. Those who consider tattoo as a fashion trend show off their tattoos and make it visible for others to see. If you want to have a butterfly tattoo, make sure that you choose the best design that reflects your personality. Also, choose the perfect spot so that other people can appreciate it.

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