The art of Japanese, Chinese, Kanji and Maori tattoos

Tattoos’ variety and popularity keep growing in any age population. There are indeed many types of tattoos you can choose from these days. Their significance and their aspect are the most important things for people deciding to have a tattoo made on their skin. Here I’ll briefly describe Japanese, Chinese, Kanji, and Maori tattoos so […]

Most popular tattoos – The Belly Button

The popularity of tattoos is well known all over the world. People decide to wear tattoos for different reasons. Some of them want to show respect or love for another person, some of them want to state a principle and others do that just for the fun of it. Belly button tattoos are becoming more […]


JEAN BAPTISTE GRANCHER – IMPRESSIONIST – PICASSO CONTEMPORARY – VORTICIST – PINK (FOR SALE BY OWNER)   TYPE Oil-based pastelIMAGE SIZE 30″ x 20″ORIGIN FranceAGE Circa 1960-70SUBJECT Forest and hillsCONDITION Very good   TO MAKE AN OFFER CONTACT US(please over $1000) Signed lower right. Look at the beautiful and bright colours in this large work […]

Mastering the Art of Sports Photography

Author: Amy For sports enthusiasts, there’s nothing more exciting than sports people playing their favourite game. The sight of the field, rink, or golf course initiates the thrill and anticipation. This, combined with digital photography, can provide some amazing photographic opportunities. However, it’s not a matter of pointing the camera at the person diving for […]

Celtic Tattoos And Celtic Tattoo Designs

The history of the Celts goes back thousands of years. The Celtic people were recognized far and wide for their first-class skills in jewelry, artwork, arms, and even metalworking. Regarded as ferocious battlers by the Romans, they were warriors from top to bottom. Throughout Ireland and the coastline of England, you can see top-notch examples […]

Portrait Photography – What Should You Know

Author: Adriana Bella Portrait photography deals with pictures that capture a person or a group of people where the facial expressions, the mood of the moment, and the special features of the personality of the subjects are highlighted. A portrait is a well-composed image of a person or a group in a still position. Portraits […]